Restless Hearts

Restless Hearts

Many people will confess that they are troubled and restless deep within their spirit. Others refuse to talk about the emptiness they feel inside as if by ignoring it, it will go away. Yet there is an infinitely positive side to our restlessness. It can become the spark and the drive that moves us to seek the Lord. If we would allow our hearts to do something about our discomfort, we will look for a cure. There are many temporary ones that the world would sell us. Most of which, only leave us feeling worse or caught up in an addiction to them. The list is long and includes all the usual less favorable habits of man. But they can be less offensive ones like an addiction to adrenaline, shopping, exercise, or anything else that we throw ourselves into so as not to feel empty and lost. But, if we do recognize, if we do drop down and seek the quiet places where we can be with God, then the greatest blessings can come to us! So let us give in to the hunger, the thirst, and all that will drive us to seek more of the Lord! He will surely fill us with nothing less that His Spirit and His love!


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