Today´s Opportunity

Today´s Opportunity

Half empty or half full, positive or negative, we can choose how we view our current situation. We get to choose how we will engage in our day in the sun. We can live, laugh and love. Or, we could hide in the shadows in fear and defeat. Today provides us all with the opportunity to seek God. The day may be full of hardship or it could be pleasant. But the opportunity it brings us is that we all have the chance to look for the Lord and try our best to grow closer to Him. If today is pleasant, rejoice in our God. If the day is difficult, then thank the Lord that He is showing us our need for Him. Use each opportunity to grow. Take what we can get and ask for more of our Savior, the love of God, and the Spirit who will lead us safely home. It may sound like a journey with a lot of ups and downs, but this is why we can call it a walk with our Lord! Take the opportunity that we are given today to yearn for, seek with our whole hearts, and revel in our relationship with the Divine!


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