The State That Pleases God

Religion is full of different kinds of so-called believers. There are also degrees and levels to the types and intensity of each one’s faith. But, there is a kind of believer that does melt the heart of God moves Him to hold as special and privileged in His sight. Some people think that this describes a person who has achieved a higher level in the church or in personal righteous conduct. But what catches His eye is not the ones that look good or act correctly. They are the ones who have fallen so helplessly in love with their Savior that their adoration is obvious. These precious souls, yearn for their Lord so hard that they seek His presence all the time. They need Him near them. They burn for Him. The love they feel for God compels them to fill their lives with that sort of love. It pours out of them because He has poured His love on them. We can learn a lot from these love-stricken individuals and seek to be more like them. Our Lord will be greatly pleased to see us even try!


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