Man´s Highest Goal

Without God, no amount of success, fame, or power will ever satisfy mankind. It is the way we are made to always want more and strive to get more. That is why God made us for Him. We need something unlimited. We need the All-Wise, All-Powerful, All-Loving God. We need Him or will forever be restless. This is also why we need Jesus. All things have been given unto the Son who sacrificed it all for us. Being God´s only begotten Son means that the attributes that apply to God also apply to Him! His atonement purchases us to belong to God too and means that in Him we find our Way unto our greatest reward! With Christ by our side and in our hearts, we will one day soon reach our goal! We will tremble in rapturous wonder before the throne of God! There can be nothing more infinite than meeting the Alpha and the Omega face to face!

Pray that we all will reach this, our highest goal!


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