To the Giver

The best instructors are the ones who can teach us where to go to find instruction when we are no longer with them. The best spiritual leaders are the ones who direct us to God. There is no substitute for God. No amount of instruction will ever help us unless we open our hearts to Him and start coming to know Him. To know God, we must seek Him. To know Christ, we must search our hearts and make them ready for a relationship with Him. Then, when we have demonstrated that we actually do want to walk with the Lord, we are ready to start seeing some gifts of His grace. God will surely bless any true effort to find Him in personal awareness. But we, by our human nature of wandering from Him, need to make this journey of the soul. The shift from looking only to ourselves and start turning to Him must be made. God is the gracious Giver of All Things. It pleases Him to reward humble and honest souls. So let us go to Him with a heart that pleases Him. Let us go to the Lord and ask to receive more faith, more awareness, and more of Him with us today!


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