Pray for Thirst

People may still preach that we need to be passionate about God and our faith in His Son Jesus Christ. But, who is there left that is teaching us to hunger and thirst after our Savior? Our entire relationship with the Lord hinges upon how much of Christ we have. We file into and out of our churches these days without ever really stopping to check our desire for Him. We think that being fully convinced is what God is looking for. We imagine that being prepared to strongly testify to our faith will help us. We come to think that having our doctrines clearly defined and firmly held will prove our walk with the Son of God. But if we let the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures speak to us, we will learn that thirst is essential. We must know that we need the Lord in our hearts. We need to burn for Him. We need to yearn for Him, even just a taste! If we could just taste a little more of our Savior, we would want more! The more we taste, the greater our thirst will grow. Let us pray for hearts that are willing to suffer a parching thirst for the Lord that will only ever be satisfied with His presence with us today!


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