Down On Our Knees

Much of our lives are spent on trying to stand. We spend endless amounts of effort to pick ourselves up and to walk on our own. The more we come to know the Savior, the less important this independence will be. When we were children our parents and educators tried to teach us to make good decisions and to be able to live in ou society without being a burden on anyone else. This is good and proper in society but in spiritual realms it is suicide. Our independence takes us away from God. Trying to walk on our own is to try and walk without our Savior. Any step take on our own efforts or by our own reason is sure to be a step away from God. So when our troubles overwhelm us and we are beaten down to our knees we are not in such a bad position. It is there on bended knee where we see our need for Christ. We realize our incapability, we see our insufficiency. We know we need Jesus. We reach out for our Savior who is reaching out to us. This emptiness inside is there to be filled with the Lord! Praise be to the Holy Spirit who has been orchestrating His blessed work that brings us to God! Let´s go to our knees too!


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