Eternally Good News

A family went for a walk out into the country where they could pick some blackberries. As they were busy picking away, a beautiful pigeon came and landed in the branches near where they were. It did not seem scared. It stayed with them the whole time they were there. When they left some time later, the pigeon followed them. One of them held up a stick that they had been using to part the briers. The bird came and landed on it. They were enjoying this curious behavior so much that they did not want it to end. So, the young children held the ends of the stick as they walked all the way back into town. The bird just sat there watching them. It seemed to them that it had something to say. Could it have been a messenger from above?

There are and have always been special messages sent to us directly from God. We may think that He is silent. But God is not! Our Father in Heaven has so much to tell us about His love, His providence, and His plan to bring His beloved children home to Him. The secrets He wishes to share with us are meant for all of us. Not everyone wants to listen. Not everyone cares to hear. God sends us messengers all the time. Some come in the form of a friendly word. Others come in a text or a sermon. The Holy Spirit is near us now and would whisper to our hearts if we will listen. Who knows? God may even choose to speak to us through a pigeon or even through the internet! Let us pray that we are open to hear what God wants to whisper to us today and ask that we grow closer to Him through it!

Dear Lord,

Teach us to listen for Your messages of hope. Sharpen our senses to hear Your voice. Help us recognize our opportunities to hear from You and draw us closer to You now, we pray!



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