If We Knew

Some people wake up and take a few minutes to pray to God and study about Him in His Word. Then they set off out into our world to start their day. They join the rest of the millions of people who go out each day to engage in their society and make it through their days. We have so many things that we must overcome each day. There are many hurdles, tests, and trials. We work towards our dreams and often just try to stay afloat. But, what if we did not turn our thinking from God when we got up that morning and had our devotions? What if we kept Him with us in our thoughts and in our hearts as we walked all throughout our day? God is near. He is nearer than anything we know. He sees everything. He cares. He has always wanted to be included in every aspect of our lives. If we only knew just how close He was or remembered how much He loves us, then we could accept His outstretched hand and walk through every step of our day together with Him. Wouldn´t today be a great day to start trying?


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