The Greatest Wonder

Any humble person can take an honest look at nature and find millions of examples of God´s power, His wisdom, and His wonder. We can be blown away with a fresh view of majesty in a daily sunrise or sunset. We can be moved by the elegance and beauty of any number of amazing creatures. We can marvel after the perfection and detail seen through a microscope. We can have our breath stopped when we realize the immensity of size and distances of space. But if we want to put our hearts to the test and see for ourselves the greatest picture of God, we should look at the Son He sent to us. Christ was sent to show mankind what the Lord is like. He is not what man expected. He may not be what we expect. But if we would draw near to Jesus today, we will surely be amazed by the love, forgiveness, and grace that is found in Him. Let us prepare our hearts to be blown away again. Let us come to Christ so that we can see the wonder of God that we find so perfectly in Him!

God has discovered Himself to some extent in nature, but more perfectly in the Incarnation.  A.W. Tozer (The Pursuit of God)


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