Walk With To Be With

God was dying to have a real relationship with us. He demonstrated His love for us by sending His Son. Christ paid the heaviest price so that our hearts can come unto God and never have to leave His arms. We may enter into the most fulfilling relationship available to mankind. But we must want to be with Him. We should want it so much that we are willing to dedicate time and effort into our relationship. If we want a strong human relationship, we know that we have to invest in that relationship. Well, it should be our pleasure to do this with our God. Those who learn to walk with the Lord learn to love Him more. Those who love the Lord more are blessed by a closer and more intimate walk with Christ. Those who walk closely with the Savior are already enjoying their time with the One we hope to spend all eternity getting to know more! Let us pray that our relationship with the Lord gets better and better by the day! In doing so, our future with Him will be secure!


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