Love Like God

The best way to describe God is love. He exudes it in all that He has made, all that He does, and all that He wants for us. Why the Lord loves mankind is a wonder beyond reason. We turn away from Him at every corner and every distraction. Even those who wear the name of Christ often walk as if our Savior is not here. Yet, He still loves us, cares for us, and tries to draw us gently back into His arms. He looks after the needy. He cares for the hurting. He forgives the worst parts of each of us. The Father sent His Son out of love for us. The Son went to the cross to pay for our waywardness. To show that the sacrifice is not lost on us, we are asked to love as He does. We are asked to sacrifice of ourselves to bring God´s love to others. Let us pray today to be more like the Lord. Let us pray to be filled with love from above so that we too will be part of God´s loving family.


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