Marked By Worship

In a tiny town near where a certain woman lived, the statue of a virgin is visited and worshipped to by the whole community. People go in there thousands each year to visit the statue. There is a great procession and a pilgrimage from all the surrounding towns. Although the fuss is over the virgin image, the festival is mostly renown to the visitors by the party that surrounds the event. It is almost non-stop for over a week. The ceremony is held as a religious high point in the year, but what marks the worshippers in any church is what counts. What marks us about our worship?

Prophecy states that in latter times people will be marked. Some will choose to wear the mark of the beast or his image. Nearly every branch of Christianity has its interpretation on what that mark may be. Many say it will be a physical mark. Whatever the case or our denominational tastes may be, we must always walk carefully when we talk of our souls. We cannot be careless in our worship. Nor can we brush off the thought of what our hearts go out to. If we lift up a wooden image and place it at the center of our worship, how is God supposed to feel. We know He is jealous of what our hearts go out to. And, if it is the party that we love, then maybe we should take a look at where our affections really lie. Let us all pray that what really marks us today is the love and grace we have found in Jesus. Let us make our relationship with Christ be the focus of all our worship!

Dear Lord,

Mark us through our love and devotion to You above all else, we pray!



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