A Bigger God

People talk of how unlimited their god is. But, you will soon see by the way we live and talk exactly how big these gods are. Even though we refer to the Almighty, if everything else about us makes Him smaller and hardly meaningful in our lives, then we are talking about something other than the real Almighty God. We demonstrate that what we hold as God is some lesser thing we have created because we do not fall trembling before Him. We fail to seek His favor in every corner of our hearts. We fail to make room for Him in our day, our dreams, and in our hearts. We hold some feeble notions and speak to Him and of Him as if He is way off in the future or some distant corner of space. This is not a concept that is worthy of the God who sustains all life and sees the thoughts of every man.

If we could open our eyes even a little, and realize the Wonder that we may come to know and worship as our God, then our lives will start to show our devotion to Him. The best thing we could pray for these days is a startling realization of what it means for our God to be truly unlimited. We would then have a God to adore that is big enough to wow us and thrill us beyond words! Let us pray for a more mind-blowing concept of God so that we can start learning of Him and wanting more of Him each day!


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