Sometimes we may come across a person who acts as if they already know all there is to know, about God. This person has probably studied extensively into theology and worked themselves up in some church. But no matter how well versed they are, no matter how many degrees they have managed to accumulate, that person still has infinitely more that they could learn of God. This is because the Almighty is unlimited. There is always more mind-blowing truth to be discovered in Him. There are beings that stand in the Lord´s presence. They have seen so much more than we can imagine throughout the ages. And they continually fall on their faces and declare holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty! They are clearly overwhelmed by what they learn and what they see every day. So, for us minute creatures who have seen so little, we can set our feet down paths of wonder too! We could embark on the high quest of experiencing a little more each day! We could place ourselves where our hearts could be thrilled and our spirits racing from this day on! Let us get onto our knees and get the show started!


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