Time to Edge in Close

If we can see that our world is going through some pretty scary times, why don´t we edge in closer to our Friend and Savior so that He can bring us safely through! We have health concerns. There is political unrest. Our economy is threatened. Morality in our day is in decline. Nations don´t see eye to eye. The news has little or nothing positive to say. If ever we have needed to walk closely with our Savior, it is now. Even our church life is under attack.

It is high time that we start praying with a new intensity! It is time to evaluate our walk with the Lord. It is time to bring our hearts unto God and make sure that our survival is sure. We may not ever dream of all the threats that we are actually facing. But with our lives and our hearts securely and deliberately placed in Christ´s hands, all will be well that should be well! We will be found in God and we can enjoy Him forever!


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