The Immensity of God

The awareness of the immensity of God brings the elements of wonder, fear, and awe into our hearts. They give us the chance to expand our vision of God to something more worthy of Him. From there, real Spiritual faith can grow.

Shallow interpretation of the Divine always leaves the skeptical human holding stubbornly to concepts, arguments, and doctrines. But there is another approach to understanding God. The humble person bows their face to the ground and realizes that there is no way their earthly heart can ever capture even a part of what God truly is. This is not the end of faith but rather the beginning. Like the cocoon that releases the true inner beauty, realizing that God is bigger than our imaginations will open us to the stirrings of awe. Wonder and fear may begin their spiritual magic. They lift us up into heavenly heights that the skeptic could never rise. They take us where miracles happen, God is supreme, and He holds unlimited power and grace. Let us pray today that our hearts and our minds may be expanded to let the immensity of our God start to teach us of Him!


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