Live for the Miracles

Many people say that they believe in some sort of god but refuse to admit that this god of theirs can actually do any great miracles. If we care to examine the God that the Bible would like us to know, we will see something quite different. The God that the Holy Scriptures point us to would have us come to know and even enter into a relationship with the All-Powerful God. Not only can God create and take away, but He can feel, think, and forgive like no one we could ever imagine. Our God is the God of infinite surprises. He has never ceased to amaze, bewilder, or thrill anyone who dares to draw near to Him! Miracles abound wherever God is found! So, let the skeptic have their tiny god. But let us look for the miracles as we boldly step closer to learn more of the Wonder that is our God!


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