Where to Look

Political issues blanket the news. Health threats, natural disasters, and evil fill the headlines. We are bombarded on every side with the frightening consequences of all that is going wrong with our world. But there is hope. There is a bright star high above that grows bigger by the minute. Some will cringe with fear of where our society is heading or where we have arrived. But we can afford, no, we must begin to rise in joyful anticipation. Our Lord is coming soon! If we do not believe it, we should give up pretending. If we do believe that our Savior is on His way, then we can start to get excited. We can focus more and more on Him! We can look to Him more and look to the world less! Our Lord will be our reward. He will be our Home! God will be our near and everlastingly far future. So let´s make Christ our present! Let us hurry to reach a point where we are looking more at where Jesus is in our day and what He is working on! If the Lord is where we are looking, then everything else will not seem so big!


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