Need is the Key

Disaster strikes, pain hurts, and troubles come to believers and non-believers alike. Earthly life is often a place that causes a lot of stress and anguish and makes one wonder when it will all end. But there is hope! God still cares for those who look to Him. He comforts, He leads, He lifts up those who humbly come to Him. To the proud or the self-sufficient, the Lord does not promise to show them much of His power and mercy. But those who cry, who need, who are burdened, He has much to say. He will ease our pain. God will be here for those who turn to Him in earnest. If we would turn to Him and place all our hope in Him, we will see Him move. Those precious few who will choose to have nothing if nothing is what God will give them will have more than anyone else. They will have their Savior! They will have God´s power where theirs is not enough. Our need for God´s assistance helps bring us to Him for that assistance. When we truly come with our whole hearts to God, He is quick to be there for us! Let us come to Him today!


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