Beyond the Grave

When we lose our loved ones, we carry them with us in our hearts long after they are gone from this world. The relationships that we invested in and enjoyed in this life are what make this world a place worth living in. But life is way too short! This is where hope in God plays such a wonderful part. God, being eternal, invites us into a relationship with Him. A relationship with the Divine goes far beyond our days. It can go on forever! If we would choose to invest our time and energy into coming to know and love the Eternal God of All Things, we would be investing in a walk with Him that never has to end. Even though our life here on earth may end, our journey with Him does not. If we believe that it is God who has placed us here and sustains us, then we are already starting down His path. Our hearts will never have to be separated from Him. He has shown us that the grave does not have the power that He has. Let us choose to put our hope in the Eternal and invest in the one relationship that never needs to end!


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