Wherever God is Found

Open your Bible and you can see how every time in history that people truly looked to God amazing and thrilling things happened. Take a good look around us now and we will also find that hearts that genuinely turn to God are also lifted and carried along. God is moving. He has never ceased. Wherever we see Him moving we will be blown away with His wisdom, His power, and His love! The more tuned we are to how and where God is working, we are sure to be more and more amazed. Our hearts will race when we see Him miraculously healing His beloved children. We will be thrilled to find Him lead His helpless ones in paths they could not have walked on their own. Our own lives can also be wonderful displays of His grace, His mercy, and His mighty works. So, if we would like to stand in awe and see the Lord move in exciting ways, let us learn to look for Him. Let us pray today for more awareness of the presence of our God. Then prepare our hearts for the miracles that will surely follow!


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