The temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power. No one was able to enter into the temple, until the seven plagues of the seven angels would be finished.  Revelation 15:8  WEB

A family moved into a house that had a fireplace. Finally, they would have the chance to warm their house with a fire. One day, some guests were coming over, so they decided to light it up to create a cozy atmosphere. The flames lit easily enough under a couple of pinecones and a few logs. But behind the glass door of the fireplace, the smoke began to build up. Pretty soon, nothing could be seen through the glass, only dark smoke. In a desperate attempt to find out why the smoke could not go up the chimney, they opened the door. Oops! That was a mistake. The smoke came billowing out into the room. Have we ever pondered over the pictures describing God´s presence filling places like the temple?

In Exodus 19 God visited the Children of Israel at Mt. Sinai. His presence came in thick smoke too. You cannot take smoke in your hand, control, or command it. It lingers long after the visible sign of it is gone. The presence of God can be a lot like smoke but in infinitely more positive ways. The soul visited by His presence will surely fall trembling to their knees. Magical and mysterious, God´s presence will thrill us like nothing on earth. So wonderful and so terrifying is the experience, that it purifies hearts and creates worshippers who bow in humble adoration. Pray that God will still find some of us on this earth that want to get that close to Him!

Dear Lord,

To be in Your presence is the most awe-filling experience that mortal man could experience. But it is also our highest goal and our utmost desire. Prepare us for it, please, we pray!



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