More of God

Nearly all of us have had to sit back and listen to someone go on and on about their faith in God as if it were a great accomplished feat. They brag about their secure tie to the Lord and use all the convincing arguments and past stories that they can come up with to prove their privileged position. Listening to them makes a humble person feel small and our standing in God´s Kingdom look tinier still. Yet with all the ranting and raving, there does not come across the sensation of any further ground that needs to be gained with the Lord. These supermen of faith have already achieved their lofty peak and look down on us poor common folk. But perhaps they should not get too cocky.

There is an old and almost forgotten sentiment within the Scriptures and in the teachings of saints from every age that would not want us to get all puffed up. This ancient thought is that we should forever seek more of the Lord. Once we have found favor in the eyes of God, we would use that favor to gain us more of Him! We do not need proof whether this old sentiment is right or not. The truth will be lived out within the hearts of those who truly do love the Lord our God!


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