To Receive the Spirit

Sometimes we off-handedly say that we would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Although our souls may actually want this to happen in some small degree, we do not realize what we are really saying. Most of us are quite content with the progress we have made in the Christian way and flippantly think that this would just be the next step. But if we would take our religion that far, we would lose a lot of what we have grown comfortable with in our lives up to now. We will have to let certain things slip out of our hands if control were to truly pass into the hands of the Holy Spirit.

If we are interested in allowing the Spirit of God open our hearts and minds to knowing God, we need to be prepared to be blown away, humbled beyond words, and stand to lose many earthly enjoyments. If we would walk a higher plain with the Son of God and open our lives to the miracles of His power, guidance and strength, then we will lose the approval of even many of the people we love. Receiving the Spirit is a transaction. It is death to the world. It is new life, but not one we already know or understand. Complete trust will be necessary and faith when there is nothing but that faith to lean on. Yet every saint that was ever filled with the Holy Ghost will testify that it is more than worth it. Let us let go of this life and seek a new life where the Spirit of God is free to rule!


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