Righteous Judgments


I heard the altar saying, “Yes, Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are your judgments.”  Revelation 16:7  WEB

The woman was called into work to speak to the bosses. She had only worked for the company for about a year and they needed to decide if they would hire her permanently. In the meeting, they decided to offer her a full-time position. She was torn. She had just found out that she was pregnant. But, she had to be honest. So she told them. Immediately the boss had to rethink his decision. He soon came back with the response. He retracted his offer and she was let go. This happened just before the world plunged into an economic crisis. The woman would have to face supporting another child and finding a new job in those troubled times. She was utterly let down, and all because she had been honest. However, she could not harbor hard feelings towards her bosses as the crisis soon shut the business down. Do we know that God´s judgments are righteous?

We cannot feel good for anything bad that happens to others even if they have hurt us before. But sometimes we can see God´s hand actively taking care of us even in modern times. His judgments are always right and one day we will see exactly how much so. The God of Love does not wish to harm anyone and sometimes it seems as if evil is triumphing over good. But when the time is right, the Lord will show all men how righteous He is. Those who have set their hope in Him will rejoice greatly. Those who have scoffed at the thought of an all-knowing God making things work out for His dear children will see the error of their ways. God will not be laughed at in the end. Let us pray that we are found among those who fear and hope in Him!

Dear Lord,

We cannot see into eternal things. But please give us hope and faith in You and Your righteous judgments, we pray!



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