No Need to Worry

The human heart runs to many things. This world is enticing and distracting. But when a soul turns and makes its mission to seek God before all these other things, then a change occurs. Before this change, we have an unlimited number of things to worry about. We can stress over every peril both seen and unseen. We must concern ourselves with everything under the sun, our safety, our substance, and our futures. On every level, there are countless dangers to our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. These threats are real and deadly. All until they fall into hands much more capable than ours. When we turn from trying to take care of all of these worries on our own, when we hand them over to the Savior of our Souls, then peace can come to us. We may still face these dilemmas. But they are no real threat to our future. The outcome lies firmly in the hands of the Almighty and All-loving God. If we could make Him our life today, then an eternity of tomorrows with Him will be our future. Let us pray that our focus is turned to Christ now so that tomorrow will be a wonderful place to be.


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