and they blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores. They didn’t repent of their works.  Revelation 16:11  WEB

At a family outing, the kids became anxious to return home from a beautiful beach that they had hiked in to. One uncle got tired of hearing it and blurted something out to silence the child. But his words had a hard edge to them and were designed to inflict pain. Other family members quickly stepped in to remind the man to use respect when dealing with others. It did not go over well. In the end, the whole family had to march out of there due to the ruined atmosphere. It was a painful moment for the family and even though they tried to reason, no apologies were made. Can we imagine what family gathering we might upset if we fail to recognize our place in God´s kingdom?

God has forever been working on drawing His family together. There are some though, who prefer to see things their own way. These renegades do not realize that they are against anything out of the normal. The problem is that we are dealing with the plans and the family of God that only He knows He is trying to protect. We need to come to know Him and draw extremely close to the Unseen God so that He can teach us and show us the Way. When our Heavenly Father sent His Son to save the world, the world did not recognize His gesture of love. Now the responsibility lies in our generation to NOT make the mistake of respecting His Son. Let us pray now that we do not unknowingly step out of God´s sweet plan to bring His family together and keep us near Him forever!

Dear Lord,

Even if we do not see You or Your plans clearly, let us care enough about You to open ourselves to learn more, we pray!



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