God Revealed

Moses tended sheep in the wilderness until God visited him in a burning bush. Paul drove hard after the early believers until he encountered the brilliant Light of the World. We too can have our moments of revelation break into our lives and mark us forever. The trouble is that not many of us today still give God enough chance to do it. We are a generation like no other. We are distracted. Our problem is not with doctrines or beliefs. The greatest deceiver of all can deceive the very remnant of God and will if given the chance. Only a handful, we are told, will be alert. Let us pray today, and every moment of every day, that our whole hearts are yearning to see the Light of God! Let us ask the Lord for further revelations, big ones and small, to ignite our faith and keep us focused on our Savior until the day we throw ourselves before His holy feet!

The revelation of God by His Spirit is a necessity.  A.W. Tozer (Jesus, Our Man in Glory)


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