Out of the Mouth

I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits, something like frogs;   Revelation 16:13  WEB

That year, when flu season came around, something even scarier lifted its ugly head. The A-type flu hit the scene and had everyone running scared. One particular family had two toddlers in their care. National news and word of mouth made it sound like the world was going to end and that nobody would survive this deadly virus. It was easily transmitted by droplets of mucus that come from infected individual´s noses and mouths. This then enters the new victim through their mouths and nose. Could it be that the real threat to the welfare of mankind flows out to us intentionally through the mouth of evil?

Thank the Lord that the A-type flu did not wipe out our race and soon the pandemic scare dissolved into another form of the yearly flu. When we read the Scriptures, another picture comes to us of the days near the end. We see somewhere in the spiritual realms, a mighty evil source that intentionally will try to end our chances of living a healthy life with our Savior and God. Many forms of propaganda, fake news, and distractions of social media have already come out of proverbial mouths to keep us from our families and other pressing concerns. Anything that keeps us from knowing, approaching, and spending time with our Savior will someday prove to be an attack. We may not see that we are sick, but we should be aware of the danger and keep our hearts close to the Healer of our Souls!

Dear Lord,

As we face unseen enemies, please be near us. Protect us from wandering further away from You the One who saves, we pray!



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