If It´s Going Wrong

When it all falls apart or part of your life takes a downward spiral, turn to God. These setbacks and difficulties will come into the path of everyone alive. From the saintliest to the carefree hell-raiser, each will have their troubles in this life. They are painful and can lead us to our end if we let them. But they don´t have to. We can turn this train around. We can set our course in a different direction. Even though the winds will blow towards hell and our faces will take on the full brunt of its fury. There will be a shining Light to warm us and beckon us onward. We can have our Savior before us and set our steady footsteps in His. The Way of Christ will lead us to our Heavenly Father. We will have the best Friend of all to accompany us on our journey. And, our future will be sure no matter what evil may come upon us! Let us take our misery and let it draw us close to the One who will shelter us and guide us safely home with Him!


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