A Real Tragedy

Human life is bombarded with threats on every side. Some of the dangers that would end it all for us we cannot even see. We never know what is coming around the corner or when illness may strike. But there is hope! There is Someone who is looking after our welfare not only to help us through the day but to be there for us forever. This mighty Protector and Savior of our souls can help us with the threats and give us strength and hope to make it through our day. But He is also looking out for our spiritual wellbeing too. He can make us healthy and keep us healthy long after our troublesome world has gone its course. He is the only One who can walk us right into eternity and bring us into the presence of the Divine. He loves us more than words can say and those who find hope in Him will know what true love really is. Pray that some will still want that kind of security in their lives today! If not, this world can be a pretty scary place!


6 thoughts on “A Real Tragedy

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful and uplifting post. Even if the days are dark and grey we can hold on to the truth that our saviour can and will lead and uphold us. For God Is faithful and will do it.

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  2. Miracles still happen. But so often we think in human intelligence directed at earthly ways and outcomes. God is forever working on eternal goals that lie far above our understanding and have to do with everlasting spiritual levels and the souls of all mankind. These are areas where we can only see with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and only as we yield ourselves to the will of God. We might even have to wait for Christ´s return for the full revelation. But, the Lord is never going to lower himself or insult us by trying to make us want to be with Him. That has to come from us. But those who wish to know Him can. We can ask for greater revelations each day. This kind of believer can stand to see all the wonders that God will not demonstrate to the believer who refuses to think of God as the Almighty that can do anything at His will.
    To say that God just lets things run their course sounds far too like He doesn’t care. Perhaps what we need is more hope and more faith in Him and the kind of trust that will let Him reveal how He is moving even as it looks like our world is falling apart!

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  3. Praise the Lord for He is faithful. He has helped so many in their times of need. He has helped and sustained each one of us, even if we haven´t realized it or given Him credit for it. He gave us life and He will give us life more abundantly if we are faithful and seek Him over all else. Thank you for your encouraging word. May the Lord be especially near to you and give you a strong sense of His nearness to You today!

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