It Is Done!


The seventh poured out his bowl into the air. A loud voice came forth out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, “It is done!”  Revelation 16:17  WEB

Outside of the new house the little family bought, there was a big ugly billboard announcing plots for sell. The house had some pretty nice views, but with that sign there, one could not appreciate them as well. Family and friends agreed that it was a shame that something like the billboard could spoil their new purchase in such a silly way. But that was just how it was. But the family could not help but wish and pray that it were not there. One day, as they were having lunch, a storm fell on their town. Rain beat against their sliding glass doors and as they were watching it, a great boom struck the whole house. A small tornado had passed right in front of their house and directly over the billboard. It did not remove it completely, but the half of it that blocked their view was bent over to the ground. Could our world be headed for another great display of the power and presence of God?

The prophecies written so long ago and the words of Christ speak of a time when God will move again. He will step into the scene where man thinks he rules unchallenged. Great disasters will fall and those who govern us will not be able to save us. It is time that we should learn to listen for the voice and guidance of the Lord. We should take great care and urgency in our search for the Savior. We will need to know Christ so well now that no matter what may threaten us, we will stand with together with Him in the great Day of the Lord. Many more wonders and disasters will soon be bearing down on us. Let us pray that we are so near to Jesus, that He can bring us safely through!

Dear Lord,

We cannot see into the future but we hear the warnings. Please draw us close and let us find our hope in You, we pray!



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