To Get Closer to God

Looking around at the state of our world and our churches today, one would think that our situation looks pretty bleak. Fewer people every day seem to care where we stand with God and throw more energy and time into where we stand in our earthly scene. The only hope anyone has ever had is to come to know the Savior of the World. The Lamb of God came to give us hope. He came to us to become the very Path that leads us safely home. Those who come to the Son will have the Father. It pleased Him to make it so. But any journey starts with the first step. No matter where we stand today, let us pray that we will take all the steps necessary to draw intimately close to Christ and let Him do what no other could ever do! Let´s assure our eternal future with our Heavenly Father by letting His Son guide us through the rest of this current darkness!

We need to take ourselves by the scruff of the neck and vow, “I am going to think this thing through!  I am going to pray through and lay hold of God´s meaning for my life, for my witness and for my future!”  A.W. Tozer (Jesus, Our Man in Glory)


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