Room for the Spirit

Some people express a faint desire to be filled with the Spirit of God. They have been stirred to some degree and can see that it would be beneficial to them. Something within them longs to have more to do with the Lord. But, for a host of reasons, the meager stirrings never grow strong enough. So many worldly distractions come running in to crowd out the heart´s pull. Left without time or energy to fight off these distractions, the deceived believer never realizes their loss. Each one of us could come into the inner circle. We can approach the presence of God and know Him in personal awareness. We were designed to be with Him. We were called to seek the Lord. We were redeemed by the Savior so that we can turn from this world and walk each day with Him. The Holy Spirit will fill any heart or soul that sufficiently empties itself of everything else and makes room for it! Let us pray that we prepare a place in our lives, in our day, and our hearts for the Lord today!


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