For Those In Need

There is hope for the down and out. When those times fall on us, we may feel like there is nowhere to go or that nobody cares. Darkness would have it that way. But if we will let it in, the Light can shine again. We may have to let go of our pain. We may have to turn away from focusing upon our misery. But if we would let that spark of hope in the supernatural flicker its gleam into our souls, then hope can rise up. The power of God is activated by this hope. We do not need to understand it nor capture it in any way. Faith is this hope in the unseen. Faith in God is not wistful sentiments, but the founding of our hopes in the character and goodness of God. The Lord has gone to great lengths to convey His best intentions for us and provide that we could be with Him always. So let the burdened come unto Him. They will find all the help they need in His powerful arms of care!


3 thoughts on “For Those In Need

  1. For the light has come into the world and the Darkness cannot comprehend it! The light of Christ will never go out – the only thing that stops us receiving this light is our own inaction.

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  2. So true and so often we stumble into this trap and forget to kindle the fire that burns for the Lord. Pray that we keep our lanterns lit and burning brightly. Pray that we are diligent and keep a good stock of oil so that when our Bridegroom does come, we are ready for Him in every last corner of our hearts!

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