Miracles Like Magic

When we see any magic we are filled with wonder. We know that our senses are being tricked somehow but it is exciting and curious. Miracles, however, bring us much the same sensation of bewilderment and awe. They seem to go against everything that we have come to learn of the way our world works. But, the similarities are only in this incredulous response we have. Miracles are different because God works higher than our senses and our powers of interpretation. Even the laws of nature that we count on with every breath we take, are laid out by the Master and bow to His command. Nature does not control God. Science does not either. So wherever God moves, people will surely be amazed as they are made aware of it. This is in no way a bad thing and the people who have experienced vivid examples of the hand of God at work will testify to the blissful awe that we may contemplate. Pure religion is a gaze up towards the unseen God in wonder and reverence. Let us yearn for God´s hand at work and look for it inside of us and all around today!


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