The Mark of a True Christian

Many will try and tell us that we need to do this or be that to become one of God´s chosen few. Most times, their prerequisites include that we come over to their way of thinking or join their crowd. The problem with following this line of thought or listening too much to their insistence is that the complete direction of theology is wrong. Our attention does not need to run after anything here on earth! We need to be focused on God the Father, Christ the Son and Savior, and the Holy Spirit that draws us into that blissful walk with the Divine. Everything short of throwing off this world and refusing to let our hearts go out to it will soon turn into a trap for our souls. We need to drive hard after personal contact and intimate fellowship with our Lord if we would ever know where to place each footstep. Our sojourn here on earth may feel far from our home with God, but those who truly love Him will live each day getting to know the One they love! No other mark will do!


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