Christ Has Come, But to Who?

Not everyone will accept it. Not many are looking for it. But, we could be among the few who hear of Christ and respond. We were given a great Gift from Heaven but not too many people care to accept this Gift. Not too many make room for the Gift of God in their lives. Some are content to wear a name or to devote a few hours a week. Others will step foot in a church a couple of times a year. Still others we talk of their devotion while never really making an effort to make sure all of their heart belongs to Him. They keep so many secret delights for themselves. Into one of these categories, we may all find ourselves. But there does exist and has always been a different way to be. It is not popular. It is not attractive in the eyes of the world. It normally looks like torture, because the ones who go down this path spend a lot of time on their knees. They pray hard and long. They need something more of God than what the others settle for. They are the children of the burning heart. They need their Savior more and more every day. They need to know that Christ is near and they will not settle for fine words. They need to experience that closeness! It is to these aching souls that search, that Christ will come. He was born to be the Savior of us all. But will His presence ever truly come to those who never really look for Him?


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