The Next Step

On our journey from a self-centered world towards a God-centered one, there are many steps. Many people talk half-heartedly about reaching some privileged high plain with their relationship. Unfortunately, though, they are unwilling to take any painful step in His direction. The upward path is not the easier one. Many obstacles are deliberately placed there by forces that do not want anyone to reach this blessed relationship with God. In the spiritual realm where we cannot see, a fierce battle still rages. Although the outcome has been victoriously paid for, the numbers are still in question. Will we, or will we not be among those who are chosen in the end. The Bible expressly declares that many are called, but few are found looking to be there. Happily, though, there have always been stricken souls that want nothing in this life, if they cannot have the Lord! These dear souls will face the icy winds that the world will hurl at them. They will press their sight only on making it a little closer. They will strain and press through each pain so that they can celebrate with their Lord each step gained. Luckily, they have their Savior to walk with them and their horizon is glorious! For the joy set before them, they will press on! Will we?


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