No Moment to Lose

The kind of love that God has for us is one that is so intense and so personal, that He would not waste a single moment that could be shared together. The kind of followers that He looks for among us, have exactly this same kind of desire. Many would call themselves Christians and pay God some favorable words once in a while. They may go so far as to set aside some time for Him in their busy lives where they could pray, attend services, or tell others about Him. Although the real children of God do these things too, the difference is where the heart is. The love-stricken believer comes to the Lord because it finds its home, its warmth, its life there together with Christ. They seek Him because their heart accepts nothing in this world as a substitute. Family, work, and society may be important factors in their lives, but only through their walk with the Lord and only together with their Savior are they truly appreciated. So when we walk through our day, will we throw off anything that keeps us from being right where the Savior is? Will we seek to have Christ in each moment of our lives because with Him by our side is how we want to live forever?


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