The Clouds Will Part

Pure and utter joy has come to precious children of God throughout the ages when the Light of Jesus finally enters their hearts. These blessed believers do not have to have their challenges removed or a smooth, easy-going path laid out for them. The hope that they have found when their hearts discovered the nearness and power of their Savior takes away the darkness they felt before. God may remove their conflict or it may still be just as menacing. The difference is, that we no longer have to face it ourselves. Christ takes the weight of carrying our burden off of our shoulders and He is infinitely strong. Our triumphant reunion with our Father in Heaven is sure! We are nearer to Home with the Lord each day! Glory to God in the highest! Hope and faith in Jesus have worked their miracle! We are set free! The storm can rage around us! With our eyes and hearts fixed on our Lord, the only thing we see is the bright warm glow of our new Home looming into view! Amen, Lord, draw us nearer still!


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