Our Quest

When we hear encouragement to look to God today, let us not say amen like it was meant for someone else. With every word of encouragement, let us say amen but with our soul leaping up in agreement that it will become our highest goal that day. Let us reject any idea of passing the buck off to someone other than us. Let us refuse to think that our work is done and that we are already seated at the King´s table. Rather, let us be the ones who, at the slightest hint of ground to be gained with the Lord, we are the first ones who will do whatever it takes to assure our chances of gaining what might be! If there is a mission out there for us today, let us be the kind of people open for it and looking for our chance to step closer to God! Pray that the mission of being near the Lord today is our utmost goal and not just for someone else!


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