With All We´ve Got

Far from the intellectual and restrained ambient of modern religion, we look back on the first Christians who were aflame with love and devotion to God. So smitten were those burning hearts that they did not need to worry about their belongings or physical wellbeing. They could sacrifice anything on earth to gain the tiniest increase in their tie to the Savior. In sharp contrast, today we struggle to give up time that we prefer to devote to our things. We even demand that our worship pleases us before considering whether it pleases the Lord. Where has the Spirit of old gone? Where are the kind of believers who are willing to suffer insult and loss? Where are those who will first give of themselves and then when they have given, will pray that they can give more or do more for God? It is time that we learned the secrets of true faith. It is time that we seek the Lord with all that we have got and all that we are!


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