Life Is Not Perfect

“There Dad goes again telling another story of how he did this or went there. He has always been talking about all the wonderful things that happened to him. But my life seems so boring. We live in a town that is too small and has nothing for young people to do.” The teenager didn´t have to say anything out loud. The words were written all over his face. He had voiced his troubles more than once and to say it again would just be uselessly repeating himself. He felt trapped in his frustration.

His dad saw the expression and recognized it for what it was. It was time to shut up. He did not know how to tell his kid that he had worn those shoes before. He had tried so many times to tell of how God had led him through so many difficult times too. It made his heart ache inside to have watched the Lord move mountains to care for this little family, but not be able to explain it to his children. Even his wife had lived each miracle with him where work and money had dried up but then God had opened up a way for them. But she too could not see that it was God who was pouring out His love on this little family and leading them where He wanted them to be.

Life is not perfect as long as we are removed from the Lord. The only things that are right are the things that are near God. The further away from the Central Focus of All things, our God, the worse things get. All humanity stands to learn this lesson. Some open their heart to see it. Others will refuse to give God the credit. They will stand and try to judge God. If only they could see how much the Lord loves them. So great was His love that He found a Way to come to us, and pay for us with His own life so that we could restore what we have lost in our relationship with God!

A good father wants to give his children the right tools and education that will take care of them for life. A better father would try to do that and go even further to give his children something special that will carry them through all they will face here and will keep looking after them throughout the rest of eternity. This is the hope we find in Jesus. Those who gain a Savior, have the strongest Friend to walk with through it all! We can have Someone next to us to guide us, to educate us, and to keep us safe forever. But to have this kind of Friend, we will have to look higher than our earthly fathers. They cannot compare and are poor representations of our Heavenly Guide.

Let us look up at the wonder they call God. Let us pray that the power and presence of the Lord are felt again in our day! Let us pray that we may come to know the Savior even though this world will tell us He does not exist and cannot help us!

Give us hope in the impossible!


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