We will never be safe while living on this planet. Any number of hidden dangers lie around every turn of the way. There are physical threats, like diseases, viruses, or accidents. There are social threats like family dilemmas or relationship in jeopardy. There are political threats like government problems or international discrepancies. There are economical threats like job losses, outstanding bills, and global crises. Each one of the dangers hidden from our view or not have the potential to cause us much grief. Another level of danger lies in the spiritual realms. We certainly cannot see far into all that is going on there. But the threat increases in size since it has to do with much more than our lifetime here on earth and affects many more people than just ourselves. The only place in all the universe that we can say we are safe is near the Savior. He sees, He knows, and He cares. He has been caring for us long before we were here and He will bring us safely home. Let´s cuddle in close to Him now!


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