The Supernatural

The family took their dinner into the living room to eat while watching a movie. The children were entering the teenage years so the choice of film was not the same old cartoon or Disney fairytale. But it did have plenty of superpowers and stretched the parameters of what we know of physics and science.

The next morning at breakfast, the conversation came up again. Every member of the family had a chance to say what they believed was possible and the consensus was that there are powers in our universe and inside human beings that are not completely understood as of yet.

There was one person at the table who did not share all that he felt on the subject. He had spent much of his life standing before the glorious thought of an Almighty God. When he was younger he had tried to be an educated voice and try to convince others of his views on life, God, and the origins and purpose of mankind. But in his older years, he had learned that pushing people away by insulting their opinions was not how to share his experience in coming to know the God of miracles.

Instead, out of respect, kindness, and love, the man decided to write it down in words so that each one who read them could harvest the good that the Holy Spirit would open them up to in their hearts. And, if anyone should find the thought of an All-Powerful God to be an insult to their intelligence, then they could just put the book down and read no further.

What the aging man wanted to share was the times in his life where he had seen with his own eyes the laws of nature broke or ignored and miracles unfold before his very eyes. He wanted to share with them some of the unexplainable miracles of nature that stump even the scientists. He wanted to tell them stories of the times when his own life had been in danger and there was no hope of survival and yet, God somehow held off nature and altered its course, and he was kept alive. He wanted to share with them the experience he had, where through prayer, a friend of his had woken from a coma. He wanted to tell of vehicles and planes that had continued working long after the fuel had been used up. They had heard most of his stories before and knew how much he trusted God. But that day, he used his need to relate his experience and jotted it all down for them, for us, and for others to all read.

Our encouragement is that we can all experience these things and so much more if we can find it in our hearts to put our hope in Christ. All of a sudden, improbability and impossibility will become the norm. Supernatural powers do exist and they are infinitely exciting. The adventurous soul will find the world of cinema and Hollywood to be feeble attempts to wow us when we have witnessed God at work first hand!

We could pray along with all God´s servants. We could ask today that the Lord will bring each of His children living today before their own unexplainable burning bush. Let us ask that the Supernatural Friend we have in Heaven reaches through all that would prevent us from seeing that He is here and blow us away with an awareness of His presence! Let´s seek that kind of experience now!


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