Faith´s Gaze

A lot of people will try to say tell us that faith is a determined declaration that you make. They will say that because you say it in such a convincing way that it makes your faith real. They will tell you that if you say it with enough conviction, then you will surely have faith. But it does not work that way. Faith runs quite the opposite of what people like to think. It is not a possession that you can grab and manipulate at human will. It is a gift of God. To get it, we must leave our area of comfort and go to where Christ can be found. We must get over ourselves and to a point where we are looking to Him. We must get past looking at us and start looking for Him. Faith is not a declaration. Faith is the gaze of our soul fixing itself on something eternally much larger than us. It is forgetting self and staring upwards in awe! Let´s get ourselves out of the focus and let faith come to us as we look up in wonder!


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