Where Most People Stop

Just as there are degrees and levels to any relationship or intimacy between people, there are such steps to take in our knowledge and walk with God. Some people never even try to come to know the Lord. Others make a bold statement to belong to Him but then their search ends. They lose the desire and hunger for more of the Savior because what they have attained is enough for them. Still others, and sadly so, there are a few people who will not be satisfied until they have pressed right into the very presence of God. When they hear that they are finally purified, they will strive to be made more like Christ. When they learn they have found favor in the eyes of God, they will plead and ask to find more at any cost to them. When these thirsty souls have drunk deeply in the springs of Living Water, they will be driven with a thirst for every coming sip. When they find that they enjoy a privileged walk with Jesus, they will see that they are treading on the deep waters and will cling tighter to the hand of the Savior so that their walk with Him will never end but grow stronger by the day! Let´s strive to be that kind of follower!

Dear Lord,

Where others may hold back and not go the extra distance to be right where You are, let us keep pushing, keep following, keep seeking until we find ourselves in Your presence, we pray!



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