The Right State of Heart

Oh, how shallow our thinking is when we think that we no longer need to work on our relationship with the Lord!  We miss out on having the experience with God that He is preparing for us when we stop seeking more of Him. Our walk here on earth is nothing like we imagine. Every word, every moment, every relationship, and every thought all hold spiritual potential that would allow God to move in and around us. The great people of faith are those who have discovered the secret of bringing Christ into everything. If they stand up, it is for the Lord. If it is to lay down, it is also for Him. To speak or not to speak also. Every aspect of our existence can and should be lived together with our Savior. If there is something that we come across that we could not share with Jesus, then it should be something that we turn away from at once. We need to seek the Lord in increasing amounts each day. When we get closer to Him, we should use our privileged standing to aspire for more. If we continue to pursue the Lord like this, our hearts will be an inviting habitat for the Spirit of God. That kind of follower and that kind of faith will most definitely see the hand of God at work all around!


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